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Can you hear the drums...

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can you hear the drums... captain...

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Join our cause... tell the manufactures to "Take It Back" ... tell them "YOU made YOUR Chemicals", and YOU know best how to RECYCLE them... not us!.. so STOP dumping YOUR byproducts into OUR Oceans NOW! and take back what you have already dumped when it is returned to you by the EPA or the Army Corp Of Engineers or whatever salvage company has enough skills to safely transport it back to it's origin...

If this sounds "impossible"... think about it this way... if you paint antique cars in your garage... could you legally and morally dump the old paint  thinners / cleaners down the drain?... of course not!  So why are manufacturers allowed to do this on a massive mega-tonnage scale... They are killing our Oceans and Planet Earth and this has to stop. Please sign the petition to tell the US Congress to stop allowing profiteers to destroy our planet for their profit. Industrail toxic waste IS the cause of widespread cancer and children with autism... if you truly want to fight cancer... stop toxic industrial byproducts from getting into the water suppy, food chain, and the only living Oceans in the entire universe...

Take Action...

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Last Updated on Friday, 11 December 2009 14:50

Pacific Gyre (blog) (Blog entry) Blog Post by: Larry to: i just want to say that i love reading your blogs... and a BIG thank you! :-)... to all you energetic salty scientists! :-) for the contributions you are making to the future of this planet... believe it or not... i actually think the issues related to micro plastic particles in the oceans... and it's transporting of PCBs into the food chain... are a more acute global crisis than global warming... now if you guys and gals can just get the plastic and POPs problems solved before landfall... we can all take time off for a veggie pizza and then get to work solving the melting polar caps and CO2 induced acid oceans... and oh yea... we need several trillion more fish in the sea :-) Larry @

Pacific Gyre (blog) (Blog entry) Blog Post by: Larry to: While measuring the breadth and depth of the gyre is a popular objective, it may not provide significantly useful information towards a solution... since the plastic micro particles are not only in the Pacific Gyre... suspended particles will "concentrate" in any gyre... similar to sunlight being everywhere, and "concentrated" by a convex lens... particles suspended in Earth's Oceans simply "concentrate" in the Pacific vortex... making them more available for observation... the plastic bits are global... carried by the ocean's conveyor belt currents... plastic "splits" into smaller and smaller bits... down to micro dust size particles... now detected worldwide in beach sands.. and most of it sinks below the surface, ref: ... however it is still "plastic"... and it takes 400-800 years to bio-degrade... while it continues to split all the way to dust sized plastic mixed in a sea water soup... which might explain the loss of "gin clear" water divers recall from 40 years ago... and why coral polyps are loosing their immune system strength as they consume plankton size bits of plastic... laden with PCBs.. and other non bio-degrading persistent organic pollutants (POPs) also carried globally in the conveyor belt currents... entering the food chain through Lantern fish, daily... clearly, more research is urgently needed...

The bio-magnification of millions of tons of industrial toxins into Earth's food chain for many generations to come... is the real issue here...

The fact that plastic will "sponge" industrial toxins... day by day... for 400 to 800 years and continue passing it into the food chain is nothing less than a nightmare.

Finally... 50 years too late... we understand why the dolphins and whales are beaching themselves to die at our feet...

Larry --just another boat captain & scuba diver volunteer for coral reef restoration in Key Largo.
Mother Mother Ocean... I have heard your call... /:-)

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