with communication - anything is possible...
True Communication

With True Communication - anything is possible...

Actual listening trumps the talk...

Phytoplankton :: Produce 70% of the Oxygen on Earth...

Building Block #1 in the Food Chain and Oxygen Cycle for Life on Earth...

Phytoplankton has reduced by 40% since 1950...

"Over half of the world's OXYGEN is produced by these phytoplankton," explained Professor David Thomas, from the school of ocean sciences at the University of Bangor. "If you took that away you would lose the basis of life on the globe. There simply wouldn't be enough oxygen to support life." Professor Thomas said: "If you go back far enough in time, life started in the plankton, so we owe it a remarkable debt." telegraph.co.uk View Global Phytoplankton via NASA's Aqua satellite

The Societal Challenge of Ocean Acidification


Based on current knowledge of marine impacts as discussed above,
to ensure no large-scale risk to marine organisms and ecosystems,
we strongly suggest taking the precautionary principle of a threshold of 450 ppm CO2.

July 2010: 390.09 parts per million (ppm)

July 2009: 387.74
July 2008: 386.38
July 2007: 384.45
July 2006: 382.15
July 2005: 380.60
July 2004: 377.48
July 2003: 376.65
July 2002: 373.91
July 2001: 371.51

July 2000: 369.69
July 1990: 354.67
July 1980: 339.34
July 1970: 326.35
July 1960: 318.18

July 1958: 315.86

NOAA | http://scrippsco2.ucsd.edu/data/mlo.html

Scripps | http://scrippsco2.ucsd.edu/data/mlo.html

Louie Psihoyos, photojournalist of "The Cove"... and Miyoko Sakashita ... Oceans Director and Senior Attorney, for the Center of Biological Diversity... discuss the impacts of Ocean Acidification on Earth...

Miyoko Sakashita is on a mission for the Earth's imperiled marine life... and to protect Earth's ECO-Systems from the impending threats of Ocean Acidification...

PLEASE LISTEN to this audio interview...
LINK: http://earthup.podbean.com/2010/11/18/louie-psihoyos-miyoko-sakashita-discuss-ocean-acidification/

"quoted from: Jon Harrington :: "Corporate America must change... The cost to the environment and our survival is too great to allow the lobbyists in Washington to "run" our government. Over the past 18 months the petroleum industry has spent... $1,800.00 per day, per congressman, in lobbying expenses. If renewable energy had that kind of money for influence, imagine where we would be...

It was great to have Miyoko on the program this week, as the Center of Biological Diversity is at the forefront of changing policy in Washington.

LINK to audio interview:

Sylvia Earle.... No Blue, No Green.... (seriously)


The health and intrinsic beauty of Nature is our Guide... in the smallest of the leaves... a dragonfly... a seagull... the dolphins and whales... any one of them will guide any Soul to the Light... out of the materialistic 'real world', that will finally be seen as the illusion it was...

Life is breathing... the question is... will we awaken before we have lost every whale and dolphin in the Oceans... How can we humans come to understand that we are all part of the most amazing family of beings to ever exist in all of time... we are miraculous Life forms made from trillion year old star dust... and still we need to practice "gratitude" every day... to manifest the Humility we need to protect the only known human Life forms in the entire universe from the ego's quest to dominate the very Nature that Gracefully creates Life every moment and beats in every Heart since the beginning of time...

. . . and to answer the popular question about 'optimism vs pessimism'... i like the way Paul Hawken says it: ..::"If you actually look at the science about what is happening on Earth and your aren't pessimistic... you don't understand the data... But if you meet the people who are working to restore this Earth and the lives of the poor... and you aren't optimistic... you haven't got a pulse"... http://EcoDelMar.org/paul

Today we are well on our way to loosing the Coral Reefs on Earth caused by Ocean Acidification: http://EcoDelMar.org/coral ... and the Climate Change unfolding today is clearly anthropogenic... the big question is... can we operate our industrial revolution 'Sustainably'... and the question before that is... can we recognize that our 'life-style' is driving up the CO2 that is causing Ocean Acidification... potentially harming the health of phyto-plankton... Earth's #1 source of Oxygen for us to breathe in the air.

..:: " A recent study by Dalhousie University oceanographer Boris Worm and his team found that phytoplankton populations in the ocean are declining at an alarming rate because of human activity and climate change.

..:: " Why should we care?

..:: " They remove CO2 from our AIR and produce more than half the OXYGEN we breathe.

..:: " The report, published in the July 29 edition of Nature, states that PHYTO - PLANKTON have already declined by about 40 per cent since 1950.

..:: " We can't BREATHE without them...

..:: " While governments stall and deniers spread confusion, it gets more and more difficult to achieve the kind of emissions reductions that scientists say are necessary to prevent the Earth from reaching cataclysmic.

..:: " It was once possible... and "MAY" still be...

Larry Lawhorn, OT

Earth Care...

Anyone Intentionally Harming An Environmental Protection Organization...
Harms All of Humanity...

"Every violation of Truth is not only a sort of suicide inside the liar,
it is a stab at the Heart of all humanity."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"It is Love alone that leads to right action.
What brings order in the world is to Love...
and let Love do what it will."

-- Jiddu Krishnamurti

With True Communication - anything is possible...

Actual listening trumps the talk...

The Fifth Agreement... by Don Ruiz Miguel

... Objective thinking ends when a belief system becomes fixed and group-think becomes the norm... then any truly "objective" thinking, especially imagination and creative thinking become feared and ridiculed ...

... Love will not thrive for long in a closed minded environment... and the bottom line will soon become the top priority... this is why the Dalai Lama teaches "compassion" is so important to keep in our Heart.... compassion trumps possession... blessed are those who are bullied on a benevolent pathway...

... Love has always been, and will always be... the True calling to all of humanity... and compassion must be experienced to be Known... and not simply "believed" as many will do with a religion...

... Love is not a fancy garment to wear and take off at the end of the day... Love is the seed of compassion that each individual has the sacred honor of nourishing in the Garden that still Lives in every Heart...

just ask, the Whale... http://EcoDelMar.org/whale/


if i have not made you think more clearly... please forgive me...

Christ's vision has one law.

It does not look upon a body,
and mistake it for the
Son whom God created.

It beholds a light beyond the body;
an idea beyond what can be touched,
a purity undimmed by errors,
pitiful mistakes,
and fearful thoughts of guilt
from dreams of sin.

It sees no separation.

And it looks on everyone,
on every circumstance,
all happenings and all events,
without the slightest fading
of the light it sees.

This can be taught;
and must be taught by all who would achieve it.

Thus do you learn to give as you receive.
And thus Christ's vision looks on you as well.

This lesson is not difficult to learn,
if you remember in your brother you but see yourself.

Every brother you meet becomes a witness
for Christ or for the ego,
depending on what you perceive in him.

Everyone convinces you of WHAT YOU
and of the reality of the Kingdom you
have chosen for your vigilance.

Everything you perceive is a witness
to the thought-system

Every brother has the power to release you,

You cannot accept false witness of him,
unless you have evoked false witnesses

If HE speaks not of Christ to YOU,
YOU spoke not of Christ to him.

You hear but your own voice,
and if Christ speaks through you,
YOU will hear Him.


Our Lives Among The Whales
Our Lives Among The Whales...

The link between the Whale's health and human health...
The link between the Whale's health and human health...

Take Action: Save the Whales:

Reform the International Whaling Commission

President Obama has the executive power to make that change...

LINK: Sign the Greenpeace petition to end the whaling...

Our Lives Among The Whales
Our Lives Among The Whales...

The link between the Whale's health and human health...
The link between the Whale's health and human health...

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